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    The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
  Feb 07, 2023
2010-2011 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook with Addendum 
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2010-2011 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook with Addendum [Archived Catalog]

2010-2011 Addendum

Updates to the 2010-2011 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

M.A. Applied Behavior Analysis

Deletion: The core requirement of the program have been changed to reflect that the following course has been discontinued and moved to the elective pool: AB 532 - Behavioral Pharmacology .  The following two courses have been added to the core requirements: AB 562 - Advanced Research Project III  and AB 594 - Practicum IV . The number of credits required for Core Requirements has changed from 52 to 46.  See program 

Addition: The number of credits for electives has changed from 2-3 credits to 8 credits.  The following elective courses have been added:


M.A. Clinical Psychology, Counseling Specialization

Modification: CC 529 - Family Systems and Therapy  (formally labeled “Foundation of Family Therapy”)


M.A. Clinical Psychology, Marital and Family Therapy Specialization

Modification: Program Outcomes  (formerly labeled “Program Objectives”)

Modification: Program Requirements  (hours of traineeship has changed from 300 to 250)


M.A. Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Addition: A concentration in Human Resources  has been added to this program.

Modification: Prerequisites have been modified for the following courses as listed:


M.A. Psychology

Addition: Effective spring 2011, the Master of Arts in Psychology  is offered at the Chicago Campus.


Ph.D. Applied Behavior Analysis

Addition: Effective spring 2011, the Doctor of Philosophy, Applied Behavior Analysis  is a new program for Chicago and Los Angeles.

Deletion: Effective spring 2011, the Psy.D. Applied Behavior Analysis is no longer offered.  The Chicago School will teach out students currently enrolled in the program.


Ph.D. Organizational Leadership

Addition: The following concentration has been added to this program:

Addition: The following courses have been added to the elective pool:     

Addition: The following courses have been added to the elective pool for the Chicago campus only:   


Psy.D. Business Psychology

Modification: Prerequisites have been modified for the following courses as listed:          


Psy.D. Psychology

Modification: Admission Requirements > Transfer of Credit  (The number of semester hours was corrected from 9 to 15 in the following text: “A maximum of 15 semester hours of credit for graduate coursework that was completed prior to matriculation at The Chicago School may be transferred.”

Modification: Change to core requirement.  PP 515 Advanced Ethical Principles is discontinued and replaced with PP 5151 - Advanced Legal and Ethical Principles .

Addition: The following courses have been added to the elective pool:


BCBA Respecializations

Modification: Admissions Requirements  have been adjusted to reflect types of masters degrees required to enter program. 


Ed.S. School Psychology 

Modification: Program Outcomes  (formerly labeled ‘Program Objectives’)

Addition: Mission  (the following text was added to ‘The Program’: “The mission of the TCS School Psychology Department is to provide students with a broad-based education that promotes best practices, cultural sensitivity, and innovation to support the needs of children and families.  We are committed to preparing graduates who transform our profession, schools, and communities.”)

Modification: SP 431 - Education Foundations  (formerly labeled ”Educational Foundations”)


Admission Requirements

Addition: TOEFL or IELTS, International Credentials, and International Students (The following text has been added to the international student admission requirements for all programs: “ELS Educational Services, Inc.: The Chicago School is a cooperative member of ELS Educational Services, Inc. which provides intensive English language programs. Students who have successfully completed ELS course 112 may be considered for admission in lieu of the TOEFL or IELTS.”


Financial Aid & Student Account Policies

Tuition and Fee Payment 

Deletion: Executive and Professional Education (EPE) Tuition Lock-In (The tuition lock-in policy is discontinued effective spring 2011.  The following text has been deleted: “Students enrolled in the Online-Blended Program’s Executive Career Enhancement and Leadership (ExCEL) tracks or the BCBA respecialization through EPE are subject to a fixed-rate tuition. The locked rate remains applicable for the completion of the certificate or degree as long as the student remains consecutively enrolled in his or her initial program. Students who fail to maintain continuous enrollment will no longer be eligible for the EPE fixed-tuition lock-in and will pay the tuition in effect at the time they re-enter.” 


Refund Schedule 

Addition: The following text has been added for clarification: “The refund schedule week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. With questions on the refund policy, contact the Office of Student Services/Affairs.”



Academic Policies and Procedures

Deletion: The following text has been deleted from the Transfer of Credit policy for all programs:

“Course credits used to confer another degree may not be accepted as transfer credit toward a TCS degree.

  • Course credits conferred as part of another degree may be used to waive courses in a TCS program if all other requirements are met.
  • Course credits conferred as part of a degree program that is required for admission to a TCS program may be applied to the TCS program.
  • Exceptions may be made for specific articulation or dual-credit arrangements approved by the CAO.

 Effective for students applying to start Spring of 2011 or later, course credits used to confer another degree may not be accepted as transfer credit toward a ChicagoSchool degree.”

 The text has also been deleted from the Transfer of Credit - Degree Programs Only  policy.

Leave of Absence 

Change to when the leave can be granted and reasons for leave of absence.


New policy addition to the 2010-2011 Catalog and Handbook.

Satisfactory Academic Progress 

Policy has changed and will go into affect for Summer semester for all ground students and Summer II session for Online-Blended students.

Student Life

Student Association 

Modification: The language has been modified to be more representative of the way the regional student associations are operating, allowing for local differentiation of the student associations while staying within a singular policy.  The language provided replaces all previous text.


Editorial note: Minor editorial corrections that did not modify or change existing policies or programs were made to this document as needed.  Edits in this category included correcting typos, grammatical errors, and formatting issues.  Programmatic changes or major editorial changes have all been noted above on this page