Theories, Evaluations and Treatment Addictions   [Archived Catalog]
2011-2012 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook with Addendum

PY 250 - Theories, Evaluations and Treatment Addictions

This course will provide in depth examination of the diagnosis, assessment and treatment of addictive disorders, including the most recent biological and psychopharmacological theories of addiction. This includes understanding diagnostic criteria, reviews of tools and measurements for assessment, ASAM criteria, increase understanding diagnostic criteria, reviews issues and limitation of drug testing, reviews of current treatment models (Motivational Interviewing, Harm Reduction, 12-Step), and the issues specific to the MISA/DD populations. DSM recognized categories of addictions and the current status of multiple classifications of addictive behaviors(i.e. Shopping, sexual behaviors, internet) will be examined in this course. Role-play, case-based learning, and practice exercises will be utilized in order to maximize skill.  (3 credits)