Dissertation Development III   [Archived Catalog]
2011-2012 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook with Addendum

PB 612 - Dissertation Development III

These three courses provide support and structure to the dissertation process. All courses consist of weekly meetings of their designated small research group. The faculty member, who is the dissertation chair for the research group, leads these meetings. The first course (PB 610 ) offers students the opportunity to present their dissertation ideas and dissertation proposal by the end of the semester. or PB 610 , the deliverable is a complete proposal including literature review, hypothesis, and proposed methodology, which includes IRB approval.. The second course (PB 611 ) provides continued support through peers and the dissertation chair as the student continues to work on the dissertation. For PB 611 , the deliverable is complete data collection. . The third course (612) prepares the student for the dissertation defense. For 612, the deliverable is the finished dissertation During these three courses, specific deadlines are set for committee approval, IRB approval, and submission of dissertation draft to the committee, and oral defense. (3 credits per semester; 9 credits total). Each class will be graded on a CR/NCR basis. Failing to complete a deliverable will result in an ADP. (3 credits)