Managing Organizational Diversity   [Archived Catalog]
2011-2012 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook with Addendum

IO 557 - Managing Organizational Diversity

Prerequisite(s): IO 510  and IO 511 . In today’s global marketplace, the idea of diversity is a valued commodity—so valued that when Fortune magazine names the top 100 companies for minority workers each year, which impacts the stock value of those organizations. To be competitive, many companies have a diversity officer who is responsible to create diversity awareness, promoting the idea of a diverse workforce, recruiting women and minorities, and ensuring that the organization operates within all applicable Equal Opportunity Laws. But what is “diversity”? What is the role of the diversity officer? How is this role evolving, and where will it be in the future? What are the “land mines” for a person in such a position? What does it take to do this job well, both from an interpersonal and from an administrative point of view? This course is designed to answer those questions and prepare the participant to fill such a role or to advise those who do. (3 credits)